Affordable Hosting

Unbeatable hosting solutions at the cheapest prices.

Powerful Servers

We run on the most powerfull hardware available while providing a budget friendly experience.

Fast Connectivity

We host our hardware in fibre connected data centers.

Protected Data

Top notch security to keep your servers safe and sound.

DDoS Protection

We use premium DDoS protection to keep your server online 24/7

Friendly Support

We always strive to provide quick and friendly support to anyone within 24 hours.

Easy2Use Interface

Using industry standard software, you can easily control your servers.

Stick with a company that cares,

about their clients.

Why us

We tend to provide a service that clients will love. With our powerful servers located in the United States, the sky is the limit on what you can host.

Our team is full of passionate hosting experts that know what they're doing. For any issues or questions make sure to contact them, they're friendly :)

" Great prices and an amazing support team, would not choose another. "


" Great uptime so far, have had no issues with them. "


" Unbelieveble speed, my modded server loads just way too fast! "

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